Monday 1 March 1993

Electronica&Roll review of 'My Desire'

From Electronica&Roll 1st March 2023

'This Friday sees the release of 'My Desire', the first single from Lights Out, the first album by The MFA, an iconic formation in the 00's for their work on Border Community which, however, have been in existence for more than ten years. Silence; until they got back together in 2021 to re-release material on the German label Traum. That EP and their recent remix of Delone have been enough for them to return to the field stronger than ever and at the end of the month they will release their long-awaited first LP on the Cologne-based label. Better late than never.

'My Desire' is a preview that somewhat defines the parameters in which Alastair Douglas and Rhys Evans are going to move in their feature-length adventure. This song is a good dose of that early 90s spirit combined with a pop sensibility. They have opted to choose a song with hit shapes and possibly the friendliest and most transversal sound that can be adapted to any ear.

We understand that this album will follow these melodic paths with soft vocals. For the producers it is a cut that shows from many angles the intensity of the club's culture. Obviously this song cries out for remixes with different teeth and for this they have Aaron Hedges, No Point, Harald Björk and Delone.

The American DJ and producer Aaron Hedges, living in Berlin since 2004, brings out a track and sensual side in the form of a Berlin-style house because he does not renounce the melodic touch of the original. A seductive and intoxicating look with which he does not lose his pulse.

No Point, a producer close to Traum, does a 180º turn on a daring remix first with an electrifying beat, adding new vocal elements and a very creative melodic aftertaste to demonstrate personality and daring. He risks and wins.

The third guest on this remix package is Harald Björk, another old Traum acquaintance, owner and lord of Kranglan Broadcast and with a memorable EP at Studio Barnhus. A dreamy Scandinavian house that envelops due to its intelligent use of pads of warm tones with an elegant percussion but that does not stop making it a very dynamic song and in our opinion the great jewel of the EP. Much sophistication and good taste.

Closing the EP we find Delone from Madrid. Favour is repaid with favour and if The MFA remixed a cut from Delone's album, now it is Riverette's patron who complies with the remix that exploits the melodic component to the max where we really go back to the 'proggy' sound of the 00's . An epic remix that sounds crystal clear and watery with moments of tension and release on a musical journey that is a state of mind. This contribution is very remarkable for its careful aesthetics full of details such as those acid echoes that splash but do not wet.'

Originally published here in Spanish

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