Thursday 16 March 2023

Interview and DJ Mix on Kiss FM Australia

We had a great time on Rob Zile's Kiss FM Australia show this week. You can listen back here on Soundcloud. 15 mins interview of us (mainly interrupting each other and saying errrr) followed by a 30 minute DJ mix of our current favourite melodic dance tunes! Thanks for having us on the show Rob! 


InLove2 - Lone

Identify This - The MFA

Disconnect - Cosmic Sandwich

Ghost Next Door (Dance Version) - Castro

Lammas Day - The MFA

Kitana - Delone

D#Minor 14 - Cumhur Jay

(Beats from) Heart - Pet Shop Boys

Look what your love has done to me (feat. Gazelle Twin) - Per

My Desire (Harald Bjork Remix) - The MFA

Kayra - Ümit Han

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