Wednesday 30 September 2009

New single 19th October 2009

We are very pleased to announce that our new single Throw It Back (We Will destroy you) is coming out on 19th October on Border Community.

We're sorry that we dissapeared - the track took a little longer to come out than we thought it might!

We hope you like it - and there is even a video (we'll post it here as soon as we are able)

Update: Here's the video! Thanks to David Insull for doing it and Gemma at BC for the idea and organising:


Anonymous said...

Back from the dead? This is a great news. Hope you cross the channel and play paris some time this year.

Bi! said...

Great news.
We need your booking contact, are you still with Imprint?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

You just rock ! Hope that u can make others songs soon.

Nico from France

Olivier said...

Can't understand why there's no more THE MFA track on the wax, it's very sad. But I'm sure you have a lot of bombs ready @ your studio.

We're waiting to feel real sens of electronic music guys.

Olivier from Paris

Anonymous said...

please come back or upload to youtube yours missing tracks on label!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

where are you?????

Leo said...

Nice posst thanks for sharing