Sunday 16 September 2007


It's been a while since the last update. Didn't have any decent photos to put up from Berghain, since cameras are banned inside. But it was fantastic to return to Berlin and get used to being in a club at 7AM again!

We were in Barcelona last weekend for The Loft which was also great fun. DJ Mehdi was especially good in Lolita.


Anonymous said...

Yo guys, cool to see you're still in there!
Heard indeed that barcelona was cool, wish i could be there.
So what's up? Any new cool stuff coming soon? We're really missing you guys, please come back!


Anonymous said...

Goddamn Mother Fucking Allstars, since a gig@Rex Club France i haven't heard anything from you, WTF is wrong with you two ? I won't take "MFA no longer exists" as an answer, not after the several brilliant Eps you released. Now can we french fans expect an album or at least a new single to come out soon ? You people MUST answer this post.

Tomas said...

Come back ! Baby come back ! ;]

Paddy the techno slut Irish man said...

Where in the hell have you gone? Any chance of a hug!? Any chance at all?? Come back!