Monday 1 March 1993

Faze Magazine Review of 'My Desire'


Faze Magazine March 2023


My Desire (Traum Schallplatten) "My Desire" is the prelude track to upcoming album "Lights Out" by London duo The MFA and is a grandiose and charming song between 80s synth, house and pop.  There are four remixes, starting with US producer Aaron Hedges, whose version is slightly minimalistic, synth-like and crispy. It continues with No Point, which lets the bass fly low and breaks up the beats. The Swede Harald Bj√∂rk keeps it melodic, with sexy drums and open arms. Finally there is Delone, who gathers epic twists and fragments here that flow like a waterfall over the song.

Harry Belafonte

Originally published in the magazine and here in German

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