Tuesday 19 January 1993

Electronica&Roll review of Delone - Kitana (The MFA waterfall remix)

From Electronica&Roll 19th January 2023

Those of us who are lovers of the Border Community sound, where melody is paramount, already clapped our ears with the release of Reset All To Default at the end of 2021. Delone's debut album reflected with a certain nostalgia that golden age of neo- trance although without entering with the knife between the teeth in the more track and clubbing side. It was evident that the patina of authorial work to give cohesion to the speech weighed its own. That was the trick of the Madrid producer, to enhance that character with a package of ad hoc remixes, which arrive just over a year later.

However, Reset All To Default opens with Delone's own previously unreleased vocal version of the soulful 'A Love Song'. A track created for personal use in his own performances that Romy from The xx heard by chance in a meeting in the studio. It was the Brit's enthusiasm for this highly emotional variation that prompted the Riverette boss to include her in this varnishing of her work by other producers; that, now, they look openly at the dancefloor.

Without a doubt, the remix that stands out above the rest is that of the one for The MFA cause. Exactly 10 years ago we wondered on these same pages where they had gotten. In 2021 they reappeared when nobody expected it and, a fan of that sound of the first EPs of the Holden label, it must have been a dream to be able to count on the services of the duo made up of the British Alastair Douglas and Rhys Evans. This waterfall remix also hints at the renewed energy they bring. A vision of 'Ezaro' with its dreamy and liquefied point that little by little twists into an acid delirium. Yes, they are still in shape and the experience is up a degree.

Without moving from the perfidious Albion, Medlar arrives, a usual suspect of Riverette, who is in charge of rebuilding 'Scale' and he does it with a house spirit betting on jazzy elegance. He has a point of risk because the original material is too melodic but he saves the stake with personality and good taste giving another dimension to the track.

One of the sweetest tracks on the original album was 'Kitana', the first single. It was clear that this little sweetie was going to be coveted and we have two producers such as Piek and Apste playing with her and each one taking her to her particular terrain. The Navarrese opts for a very 90s hooligan house. The kind that makes you sweat and possibly your face begins to have an ape-like expression as an unequivocal sign that you're giving it your all on the dance floor. Enjoyable, gross and with a naive point to embrace unmitigated hedonism.

For his part, the Argentine known for his work in Diynamic and Sudbeat prefers to opt for a discourse between proggry and current melodic techno, intelligently taking advantage of the main leitmotif to generate tension on the track and make everything explode when he breaks the song. Undoubtedly the most massive and festive cut to include in the highlights with the public with their hands up.

Originally published here in Spanish.

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