Thursday 19 January 2023

New remix from us out today! Delone - Ézaro (The MFA waterfall remix)


You can listen to our remix of Delone's Ézaro here on Spotifydownload on Bandcamp or everywhere else!

Last year Andrés (aka Delone) was kind enough to invite us to a musical gathering in the hills of Ibiza. We got to hang out with some great people, and be inspired by great music, beautiful nature, and be able to work in a fantastic studio with some properly classic synths and drum machines, in which we recorded some new music, some of which will be on our new album.

His album 'Reset All To Default' is amazing and so it was great to be asked to join in with his remix EP, which is out today. Also on there is a new mix from Delone himself and remixes from Medlar, Apste and Piek.

We hope you enjoy it. Also The MFA/Delone collaboration is not over yet - look out for a Delone remix of our new single when it is released in early March...

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