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ClubbingSpain review of 'Zone Day' EP

From ClubbingSpain 15th June 2005

The MFA duo definitively get the BPitch Control badge after their applauded contribution in the form of “Magma” remix for Ellen Allien.

On this occasion, the disc is everything for them with the three most British songs in the entire catalogue of the Berlin label. Interesting this pic in Flanders that Alastair Douglas and Rhys Evans have taken advantage of after the pull of their still played by many DJs, “The difference it makes”.

Actually, the Londoner and the Welshman play old-fashioned raves with old school sounds that The Prodigy also knew how to reproduce before focusing their music on a rather rock audience. Crazy pianos and repetitive melodies that announce sirens in “Rinse Time” in search of the perfect anthem that could never be heard in any rave of the late eighties. The track exerts the power of a backward time machine to the delight of young people who missed the free parties of 15 years ago.

On the other hand, "Disco 2 break" is an imitation of melancholic electro with somewhat breakbeat developments in which Rhys' brother does not stop muttering something like, "I feel my disco beat, my day break" and that translated into Spanish he would come to say something like "Today I can't get up, the weekend left me fatal".

The long side is titled “Overhang” and it is committed to hitting the gas in a hybrid that develops between acid madness, Chicago voices and the technoid pulse necessary to light up the dance floors of half the world that are waiting with their fists raised for this new little toy.

The Germans were eating it all up and an outstretched hand from the Teutonic empire was to be expected. Everything is for Europe. Meanwhile, we can finally rave again. Oh yeah!

8/10 David Puente.

Originally published here in Spanish

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