Monday 19 August 1974

Resident Advisor review of 'Two Billion Year Journey'

From Resident Advisor 19th August 2004

The MFA has certainly made their mark in the last year with some very good releases on Border Community and Precinct. Tracks such as ‘The Difference It Makes’ and ‘Motherload’ have certainly make people take notice, and now, Two Billion Year Journey on EQ Grey is sure to do the same thing. First heard on John Digweed’s Kiss FM show last year, this track is finally seeing a release alongside a Dirty Fours remix on the flip.

The Original Mix is quite simply a very big tune. The drum patterns are quirky and simply addictive and they are joined quite early on by a big devastating baseline. Random effects and vocal snippets appear in parts adding great depth to the track, but from the word go this track tangles you in its web, that very much due to the big room baseline it possesses. 

On the flip is the very nice Dirty Fours Remix. For me not as enticing as the Original mix, but nevertheless it is still very impressive. Smooth solid drum patterns meet a subtle smooth baseline, while effects from the Original mix make their way into the production in quite subtle terms, often in the background of atmospheric effects. After the breakdown midway in, the track gets noticeably grittier with dirtier baselines and effects. 

A great release here by EQ Grey, with a track that I’m sure many would have been waiting for, and a track that is sure to grab many new fans for the production talents of The MFA.

Robert Younan

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